The Illusion That Is Alain Juppé


Between the mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé (Les Républicains), and President François Hollande (Parti socialiste), there is only the merest ideological crevice….

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Gabriel Robin | L’illusion Alain Juppé | Boulevard Voltaire | 2015-06-24

À dire vrai, on serait bien en peine de trouver des différences réelles entre François Hollande et Alain Juppé sur le plan idéologique….. To tell the truth, one would be hard put to find a difference between François Hollande and Alain Juppé on the ideological level. Nevertheless, both the media and analysts of French political life continue to foster the illusion of a division between the limp Republicans [Les Républicains] of the ‘pseudo-Right’ and the committed social engineers of the ‘pseudo-Left’, when all observations attentive to their track-record and pronouncements tend to show that they are joined at the hip. Between Juppé and Hollande, the difference is merely a question of semantics: the prospect being one of alternation rather than alternative.

However, some French people still want to believe in it. According to the pollster IPSOS in Le Point, Alain Juppé is the only prominent politician to have seen his stock rise in this month of June, 2015, and notably amongst the militants of the Left. He is the career politician enjoying the strongest general approval-rating (no less than 57%, up 2%). He has 56% approval amongst sympathizers of the ‘party of social engineers’ [Parti socialiste], and 45% amongst militants of the Front national (up 11% !). All of the other heavyweights have slid in the polls. How to explain these results without pointing to the intense media campaign that has been conducted on Juppé’s behalf?

The whole system has lined up behind Alain Juppé, who is presented as a pragmatic and honest man: no-one is looking objectively at the disastrous nature of his vision for France. Have people forgotten that this soft centrist made a mediocre Prime Minister, having caused the dissolution [of the National Assembly], which precipitated the arrival of Lionel Jospin at the helm? Alain Juppé is a yesterday’s man who has used the terrible crisis that disturbs the French, in order to temporarily ‘seduce’ and rob them of all critical faculties. If François Hollande and Manuel Valls are rightly rejected, should not the same fate befall Alain Juppé and those ‘Republicans’ who are similarly guilty of moral turpitude and responsible for national economic decline?

On the issue of secularism, the Bordelais [Juppé] shares the views of Bernard Cazeneuve, or of Gérald Darmanin, who routinely gives in to the demands of ethnic minorities. In economic outlook, he differs not at all from Emmanuel Macron, himself the cantor-in-chief of frenzied globalization, and of its corollary, the loss of French sovereignty. As for the problem of migration, today of such high priority, Alain Juppé is amenable to the settlement of our countryside advocated by his party comrade, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, and has no wish to stand against the mass immigration so opposed and dreaded by the overwhelming majority of the French people. In short, Alain Juppé is not the solution, he is the problem.

There is no doubt that this passing fashion is due only to the agitation of editorialists and officials, the famous ‘opinion-makers’. For my part, I do not doubt for one second that, with the stakes so high, the French people will ultimately regain control of the situation. They will elect with overwhelming majorities true patriots, who are the only ones able to propose credible alternative policies. ….Ils plébisciteront les vrais patriotes, lesquels sont les seuls à même de proposer une alternative politique crédible.