The Demise of the French State School


Najat Vallaud-Belkacem* is killing French state schools
*French Education Minister

26th August 2015

boulevard_voltaire 2 Gabriel Robin |Boulevard Voltaire

NVB“The conception of paradise is, in the end, more infernal than hell itself. The postulate of perfect happiness is more appalling than that of unremitting torment, since we are destined never to attain it”, as Gustave Flaubert once wrote to Louise Collet. Likewise, the utopian dream of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem will be the grave of her ambitions. In supporting the creation of an educational nirvana in strict conformity with the socialist blueprint, quite unattainable – as well as dangerous – she has completed the work of her predecessors on the ‘Right’ and enacted the destruction of the schools of the Republic.

In the name of the god Equality, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and her henchmen are practising the politics of the tabula rasa. Everything must be sacrificed on the altar of egalitarianism, even that historical truth that provides the sense of belonging to an indigenous people. She does not hate France, she simply denies her. She does not hate our history; she thinks that it is at an end. Never once as minister has Najat Vallaud-Belkacem spoken of learning, the transmission of knowledge, or even of knowledge per se. The essential thing for these people is not to instruct, but to re-educate students and make of them abandoned creatures, the children of no-one. We must forcibly level the young; anyone standing out will be equalized by the Terra Nova** guillotine. The strategy is not, therefore, to provide equality of opportunity and reinstate the primacy of individual merit, but rather to create clones, without qualities or merit of their own.

**Terra Nova is a gauchiste policy institute, whose strategy for the survival of the Left in power is, effectively, to import its own constituency from Africa and the Middle East. No longer an outlandish proposition. — Ed.

At least one could concede these two points to Najat Vallaud-Belkacem: she has revealed candidly the project of doctrinaire liberalism, and through her utterances has encouraged the emergence of strong dissent. Indeed, we have learned in the last few days that four members of the Conseil supérieur des programmes (CSP: educational advisory board) have handed in their resignations, because of deep political and personal differences with the minister’s staff.

It must be said that the ministry will stop at nothing in order to build its artificial paradise. Annie Genevard, one of the members who resigned, told the journal Le Point: “We [the members of the CSP] learned that the office of the minister intervened in our operations over the heads of members, and without most of them being aware of it. When, during a dinner at the ministry, I expressed astonishment at this interventionism, the director of the office of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem responded by quoting Edgar Faure on ‘the independence within interdependence'”. The ministry will brook no opposition. The independent bodies over which it presides, such as the CSP, have in reality no power, and serve only to lend ‘scientific’ prestige to any new measures.

Amongst the measures envisaged, two bear witness to the psychosis that has gripped the ministry. The first recommendation in the programme for French is to introduce parity between male and female authors! One can easily imagine the difficulties that would arise from such a folly. But make no mistake: without a radical change of direction, such absurdities will come up repeatedly. The other measure envisaged recommends inviting the families of ‘migrant’ children into the class-rooms to speak their native languages before the pupils, forced to listen with their eyes closed! A veritable multicultural, antirepublican nightmare, and anti-France. We can no longer let these things happen, or they will destroy France forever.