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Deniability is all

Le Grand Remplacement: how it works

The author of Le Suicide français, Eric Zemmour, has written a jaunty article for Le Figaro (translated below) that raises the spectre of a ‘Molenbeek Archipelago’ developing in Western Europe, with new islands appearing as immigration and communautarisme accelerate, and with the potential to coalesce into significant swathes of urban territory. As native European populations drain away proportionally through weakening fertility, new islands spring up, each with the potential to become an Islamic no-go zone for police, fire services, and the general European public. The famous zones de non droit are seen as an instrument for the gradual politico-religious penetration of Europe. The French minister for Youth, Towns and Sport, Patrick Kanner, recently acknowledged the existence of a hundred or so quartiers sensibles in France, while asserting, optimistically, that France managed them with a heavier hand than Brussels.

Islamic State might face attrition in the Middle East, but every day brings closer its greatest goal, as Europe is reverse-colonised at a canter, and at its own request. The overture to Tristan und Isolde might have been scored specifically for this drama. Or perhaps the Bolero of Ravel. At any rate, it’s clear that a piece of music is worth a thousand images. The demographic undertow powered by mass immigration and differential birth rates, operating over decades, will eventually see off whatever remains of European self-determination after the dwarves of Brussels have taken their slice.

The recent mesmerizing attacks on Paris and Brussels have served as surely as others before them to divert the public’s attention from Le Grand Remplacement — the writer Renaud Camus’ term for the gradual, once quasi-conspiratorial replacement of European populations with Arab and African voting stock. All suspicion of conspiracy can now be safely removed, however, after Angela Merkel’s open invitation of September, 2015. If and when the terrorist sleeper-cells of the Molenbeek Archipelago are extirpated, then that also will anaesthetize attention, and the demographic time-bomb will keep on ticking as Europe returns to sleep. Ultimately, all the argument and polemic of both Left and Right will fall away, as the objective evidence of the Petri-dish society yields all the answers. The Molenbeek Archipelago kills silently, by internal crushing.

The Symptomatology of Liberalism

The first principle of hallucinatory liberalism is the deniability of inconvenient evidence. Deniability is possible up to, but not including, the point at which the hand that feeds is itself bitten. After that, hysterical blindness is called in to save the dogma from imminent destruction. Another useful dogma-preserving tactic is to insist that terrorist atrocities must not be treated as political acts or as part of a military campaign, but as merely criminal. As Gore Vidal opined some time after 9/11, we should not have gone boots-and-all into Afghanistan — a reasonable proposition. No; we should have called the police. After every atrocity, governments and their more obedient press outlets intensify calls to separate the ‘criminality’ from the ‘community’; not daring to mention that the one swims incognito in the other. “Pas d’amalgame!” Common criminals do not seek to bring down the State, but merely to steal from it, and to preserve it so that they may steal again. Liberalism seems somehow to have morphed into angelism, and angelism into very heaven. But its dominion on earth is not yet.

Migrants not to blame

As for the migrants themselves — whether asylum-seekers or ‘clandestine’, whether economic refugees or even jihadi infiltrators — as mere instruments, they are not of course in any way to blame for the crisis. Few of them—perhaps only some of the professionals—would have the least regard for the court of European public opinion, or Europe’s delicate structure of immigration law, or its public institutions, or the Pickwickian officials of those institutions who are scrambling to accommodate them. But why should they? They’re too desperate to care, and in any event, Angela Merkel has handed them a sense of entitlement. They want food, shelter, employment, and then to melt into the Molenbeek Archipelago, where they can if they wish, forget about Europe. Only the occasional police raids on their neighbours will disturb their taxpayer-funded sleep. It would be absurd, under these circumstances, to indict them under a jurisdiction that they don’t even recognise; — or indeed to blame them at all.

A highly tendentious statement from Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International (Munich, 14/2/2016) shows on the other hand, that there is an eagerness abroad to conflate public anger towards Angela Merkel with an almost wholly fictitious anger towards the migrants themselves: “When we begin to treat refugees fleeing war as criminals, there is no longer much difference between those who cause their flight, and us.” But the fleeing migrants are very far from being regarded as criminals: they are simply regarded as being too many. If successful, this ploy would at one stroke remove some heat from Frau Merkel, and re-channel it onto the ‘populist Right’: feared and despised more for its threat to the political class than for its policies, elements of which the centre will in any case have to adopt. These politicians of the threatened centre are fools: when they fall into the trap of expressing contempt for a movement gathering momentum against them, that same contempt falls also onto the movement’s many supporters, who can now account for anything up to 40% of an electorate. It’s also interesting to note that nobody in the chancelleries of Europe is so indelicate as to mention that other ‘fifth column’, half-hidden in the migrant flux: the brain-drain out of Syria and Iraq.

Eric Zemmour | Molenbeek is in France! | 2016-03-24

Le Figaro: Let’s not cover our eyes: “Molenbeek? France is full of Molenbeeks”, writes Eric Zemmour. Modestly described as “territories lost to the Republic”, these towns bear the names of Trappes, Roubaix, Sevran, Le Mirail in Toulouse, and the northern suburbs of Marseille…

❝ In France, we love Belgian stories. We love to mock our neighbours, perhaps to hide our spite over their having ceased long ago to be our compatriots. We loftily deride their accent, their slowness, their heaviness — and more than just once their linguistic squabbles! Then, when the organizer of the November 13th attacks on Paris was arrested in Molenbeek, we didn’t let up on our clowning and taunts. We had forgotten for a moment — and only a moment — that Salah Abdeslam is of French nationality, in order to harp with malicious glee on the shortcomings of the Belgian police, and the black holes of Bruxellistan. But we are going to pay dearly for our unjustified arrogance. Again.

For a long time, we have dreamed that Europe would become a France writ large. From now on, we shall have to admit that Belgium is a France in microcosm. Belgium has never been a nation, and France is looking less and less like one. Belgium has no sovereign State, France alone believing that she still has one. The Belgian police are overwhelmed, and their French counterparts still imagine, the ingénus, that they can treat themselves to the luxury of interservice rivalries.

Molenbeek? France is full of Molenbeeks

In Molenbeek, the kids threw stones at the security forces arriving to arrest Abdeslam, who had found an obliging refuge there, a fish very much at home in the water. Like a Corsican or Sicilian mafioso in his village. This is what happens every day to French police who try to enter Trappes, Roubaix, Sevran, Le Mirail in Toulouse, or the northern suburbs of Marseille, etc., who are spat at and take incoming stones, various kitchen utensils, when they are not actually coming under live fire.

France is full of Molenbeeks. France has created them in profusion. May a thousand Molenbeeks blossom! — all with their full complement of elected officials: socialist, communist, humanist, pacifist, ecologist, or the merely corrupt — of the Right also — who, like this Molenbeek politician, Sarah Turine, think it’s necessary to “re-establish effective relations” and “fight discrimination, to arm youth against the preaching of hatred“. Tags have been found for these areas: “ghettos”, “territories lost to the Republic”, and “lawless zones”. Dishonest names for conjouring away the reality. Hardly ghettos, if you can leave whenever you want. Lost territories, yes, but to France. Not lawless zones, but zones under Islamic law, with its inextricable links between culture and religion, which dreams of Europe in the Middle Ages. The French Molenbeeks, like their Belgian counterpart, are territories where the customs are Islamic, where the commercial streetscape is Islamic, where the dress is Islamic, where sociability is Islamic — no women in the cafés or in the streets. The French Molenbeeks are no longer in France, but in an unknown country that could be called ‘Muslimia’, if there were not already an Arab word for it: the Ummah (the universal community of Islamic peoples. — Ed.).

In this land of Islam, the ‘infidels’ — or even bad Muslims — have no place. They are threatened, attacked, and harassed until they leave. There are practically no non-Muslim unbelievers left in the French Molenbeeks; there are no longer any Gaulois, no French. No longer either Christian or Jew. Some bad Muslims remain. A bad Muslim is now one who refuses to adhere to the rigid and literal version of Salafism, which has lavished Saudi petrodollars everywhere — particularly on Arab youth in Europe. Our friend, Saudi Arabia, our ally, our client, who has controlled to its profit the old quarrel between the different Islamic sects, using Western technology (television, internet) to promote the most archaic version of Sunni Islam.

In the eyes of the Salafist imams, the only ones repected by the young, the little yobs who traffic drugs, chase girls, and drink alcohol, have one way of atoning: the jihad. In order to wash away the sins of their youth and return to a mythic state that they have never known, but for which they feel nostalgic, where the father is respected and where one marries one’s cousin, as traditionally in the village, — they must fight for Islam. In Syria, with the ‘brothers’ of the Islamic Caliphate, or in Europe, in Paris or Brussels.

Despite what our politicians and moral elites drum into us, Islam itself will not halt Islamism: on the contrary, Islam is the fertile ground of Islamism. It is not radicalization that leads to self-islamization, but Islam that believes the moment has arrived for self-radicalization: to ignite the revenge of Islam, humiliated for two centuries by the victories of the ‘infidel Christians and Jews’. It is not in soaking up ever more ‘diversity’ that one regains civil calm, but in engaging in the reconquest of territories lost to France. Otherwise, the Belgians will laugh in their turn, but laugh hollowly: Molenbeek will be the future for us all. ❞

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