The (Former) Valls-Hollande Utopia

The virtual moral economy

Manuel Valls
French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls

Proceeding by inference from the public announcements, commentaries, and actions of all echelons of the Parti socialiste, the following appears to summarise the party’s position on the concept of ‘Frenchness’:

France is not a country, a nation, or even a clearly definable people; certainly not a ‘race’ or ethnic group: these concepts have been universally derided. There is no such species as Français de souche — French of French ancestry — because if there were, it would be discriminatory, and the Republic, by definition, does not discriminate. The French language, in which these pronouncements are delivered, might seem to attest to some kind of ethnic origin and coherent cultural development, but this can be dismissed as a mere prejudice, which ‘plays the game’ of the Front national. On the contrary, France is merely a platform — one hesitates to say territory — for republican values. This quasi-territorial entity exists in order to play host to the whole world. Anyone can be French, and it is shameful and nauseating to suggest otherwise. There is no upper limit to the number of real migrants who can be rescued by this unsinkable virtual lifeboat. They will be invited to integrate into French society, but this is purely optional, as the native French, should they exist, which of course they don’t, will be required to integrate with them. There is also no limit to the funds that will somehow be allocated to pay for their social housing and other support. Preference will always be given to migrants over the domestic homeless, the SDF — sans domicile fixe. It is a privilege for France to be bankrupted in discharging its republican obligations. Should anyone demur, however, he or she will be subjected to public humiliation by the official press and menaced by the judiciary. Any acts of violence on the part of migrants are merely those of individual déséquilibrés who do not belong to any recognisable group. Taxpayers’ money will be spent on deradicalization programs that will divert the susceptible into the path of social responsibility. The candidates will be difficult to identify, because ethnic profiling is illegal, and in any case ethnicity is a perverse invention of the New Reactionaries. During the time before mass immigration, if it existed, which of course it did not, because these migrants were simply exotic republicans coming home, life in what might then have been called ‘France’ (there is no historical record of such an entity) would have been homogeneous and therefore tedious in the extreme: a ghastly perpetual 1950s. Only the banlieues can deliver excitement and social engagement. Unity in diversity. Diversity is productive uniformity.

This is not a joke, but a devotional text endlessly repeated by the Party and the media. Le Grand Remplacement — the creeping demographic reduction of the European peoples, clearly visible in the schools, and lagging only a little on the streets — is accelerating. Not even the Front national dare speak its name. It is diverting to note that one of the most vocal groups participating in this farce, is… showbiz.