Month: May 2016

Inside Looking Out

After the Übermensch, the Übermuslim. Here, translated from a recent article in Le Monde, is a prominent academic’s illuminating psychoanalytical view from inside the minds of the jihadis. It’s complicated. Le Monde | Fehti […]

French Laïcité Overdone?

Et tu, Franciscus? Has the pope subscribed to Frau Merkel’s Rainbow Fallacy? This article from Le Figaro sheds some light on the origins and interpretation of French laïcité, taking in the pope’s interview […]

Devolution and Integration

This article, translated from Le Figaro and overlooked by The Europeans at the time of its publication in December, 2015, draws some national conclusions from the sectarian and separatist tensions in France’s permanently grumbling appendix, Corsica. […]

Laurent BOUVET

Politique / République / Gauche / Identités

Les Orwelliens

Collectif de journalistes souverainistes présidé par Natacha Polony