Month: June 2016

Winning Back The People

Five days after the narrow vote for Brexit, the alternatives seem to be: General Election, palace revolution, or both. Outraged globalizers, champagne Leftists, the bourgeois bohème, the young: all are frothing with demands […]

Direct and Representative

“Elections change nothing”, eh what, Herr Schäuble? In the context in which the German finance minister’s candid assessment was given, he was of course correct. The general election in Greece, which was called by […]

Adventures in Space-Time

Albert Einstein’s predicted gravitational waves were first detected experimentally by the American LIGO team earlier this year. LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) comprises two huge ground installations in the United States, in […]

The Gathering Storm

Le Figaro | Gilles Kepel interviewed by Marie-Amélie Lombard-Latune Islamic State plans to build the Caliphate on the ruins of Europe 2016-06-21 INTERVIEW – In the opinion of the expert on Islam , Gilles Kepel, if […]

The Assassination of Jo Cox

Anders Breivik has visited his lunacy and bitterness on Britain. Whether or not the self-appointed assassin, Thomas Mair, turns out to have been directly influenced by Breivik, the paradigm is nevertheless exact. […]

Laurent BOUVET

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Les Orwelliens

Collectif de journalistes souverainistes présidé par Natacha Polony