The Other Inconvenient Truth

The fate of Europe is now fully engaged, as on so many occasions throughout its thirty or so centuries of prodigious cultural and economic development. Driven to a moral fervour in September 2015 by President Erdoğan’s migratory ‘push’ and Angela Merkel’s complementary ‘pull’, the neoliberals of Germany and Sweden briefly demonstrated their enormous capacity for humanitarian concern. The over-confidence necessary to carry off the first few weeks of mayhem seemed to be induced spontaneously by the enormity of the challenge itself: it could hardly have existed beforehand. Neoliberals have always insisted on diversity they can see; but this was on an altogether new and overwhelming scale.

What had actually invaded Germany’s and Europe’s personal space was quite enough ‘diversity’ to neutralize itself, in due course, by virtue of its very pervasiveness. Note that the neoliberal concept of ‘diversity’ is quantitative, not qualitative. As in the case of climate change, inconvenient truths are manna to the wilfully blind: they make such a meal of dismissing them.

“With an ignorance casually interchangeable with lofty disregard, the history of fifteen centuries of Christian-Islamic conflict, with its periodic occupations and expulsions, is completely left out of account by the European political class.”

One of the characteristics of a religion is that facts, objective reality, are not denied, but simply deemed inadmissible in order to preserve the reigning doxa. This is the single most important feature that identifies Human Rights activism as a religion. The neoliberal doxa, by definition, cannot be countered with logical or moral arguments, and is impervious to ridicule. It’s own weapon of first recourse, moral blackmail, is useless and inappropriate in the hands of its ‘reactionary’ opponents. All that can be done to signal principled opposition to the doxa is simply to demonstrate, as far as may be possible, how present events are likely to unfold in the medium term, and then converge towards some kind of endgame. Other than in Europe itself, there is no political concern anywhere in the world for the continuation of Europe’s unique identity as a multi-ethnic civilization with (largely) common Aryan and Christian roots. The French Left in any case denies the very existence of a European identity, culture, or diverse ethnic kinship: for them, all of that arcane historical paraphernalia is replaced by a simple republican system of ‘values’. Only Europe, with or without the European Union, can defend its own survival as a group of related, sovereign lands, and hence its civilization.

“Discontinuity, the abolition of context, is itself a gauchiste value:
“history is bunk”. The demographic middle game is being lost.”

The endgame, however long it may be postponed, will be fought demographically: Europe will have to weather an Islamic flood-tide as best it might. The middle game, which for the sake of argument began with the migration surge in September 2015, is now being fought out over the bodies of drowned migrants and assassinated French and German citizens. With an ignorance casually interchangeable with lofty disregard, the history of fifteen centuries of Christian-Islamic conflict, with its periodic occupations and expulsions, is completely left out of account by the European political class. Discontinuity, the abolition of context, is itself a gauchiste value: “history is bunk”. The demographic middle game is being lost by the Europeans, and won by a largely Sunni coalition of migrants from Turkey, Syria, Libya, Morocco, and Algeria, with Albanians and Kosovars falling in opportunistically behind them. Turkish migrants, as long established Gastarbeiter in Germany, can be regarded as regular or ‘legal’ in the strict sense, as can varying numbers of migrants from the former French colony of Algeria; but they are still a large part of the demographic wedge. Mass immigration coupled with elevated birth-rates amongst muslim populations, both settled and merely accommodated in Europe, will sweep away every last vestige of Europeans’ sense of themselves. If the middle game cannot be dominated by Europeans, then the endgame is already lost.

A network of Salafist-dominated mosques extends across France and Belgium already: a kind of “Molenbeek Archipelago”. While small in number, the radical Salafists are having a hugely disproportionate effect on French, Belgian, and German society, using the instrument of fear and uncertainty. The overall muslim population of the European Union is reckoned to be around 25 million, of which an unknown number — probably more than 10 million — live in France. They are concentrated in the quartiers sensibles, which suffer high levels of youth unemployment and alienation. Their enemy is Europe. Provocations go all the way from torching cars to assassinating Catholic priests. When fires are started in the banlieues, the sapeur-pompiers require police protection to put them out. The current rash of real atrocities in France, Germany, and Belgium not only instils fear throughout the population, but monopolizes the acute attention that could otherwise be applied to the slow, but accelerating replacement of the European population by exotic peoples from the Middle East and Africa. This is the inconvenient and inconspicuous truth that is transforming Europe. It is beyond Stalinist social engineering in its scope, while dressing its methods in the cloak of “Europe’s historic humanitarian task”, as claimed repeatedly by Frau Merkel. It is a bovine insistence, rooted in German national guilt and one woman’s unique opportunity to expiate it. Paralyzed by their own “values”, European governments seem powerless or unwilling to do anything about the Great European Demographic Shift going on under their noses, even assuming that they care. They appear choreographed to wring their hands after each successive atrocity, warn against “islamophobia”, and remain steadfast integrationists nonetheless. Not one of the ruthless methods needed to make an impression on terrorism is being contemplated by the ruling socialists in France: forced deportations, preventative detention, and so on. Still less are France and Germany prepared to counter the existential threat of the Islamization of their countries.

Left undisturbed by the imperturbable Left, the free dynamics of migration will inexorably transform Europe into a patchwork of Islamic-dominated republics within a handful of decades. Michel Houellebecq’s Submission will have arrived. ◼︎

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