Month: August 2016


Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel đź”— 2016-08-29 Henryk M. Broder in Die Welt Translation: Edward Shilling/The Europeans The Putsch Against Merkel Approaches On Soft Soles The Chancellor is facing a headwind from Eastern Europe. […]

Postmodernism in Action

Robert Redeker đź”—  2016-08-26 Robert Redeker interviewed by Patrice de MĂ©ritens for Le Figaro Translation: Edward Shilling/The Europeans Robert Redeker: The school applies itself to erasing French civilization FIGAROVOX/INTERVIEW : By no longer […]

The Apostate’s Tale

2016-08-19 Brice Couturier | Le Figaro The Party of the Media and the Intelligentsia scorns reality FIGAROVOX : In an extended interview, Brice Couturier, who was host of France Culture’s morning programme for five years, deconstructs the […]

Europe’s Auto-Immunity

Asked recently whether he thought Brexit was a pivotal moment in European history, the writer Alain Finkielkraut responded: “In order to put an end to the distinction — judged potentially genocidal — […]

Laurent BOUVET

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Les Orwelliens

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