Month: December 2016

Christlich-Soziale Union (CSU)

CSU verlangt Ende der Beitrittsverhandlungen mit der Türkei 2016-12-31 | FAZ Eine EU-Mitgliedschaft der Türkei dürfe nicht weiter angestrebt werden, heißt es in einer Beschlussfassung der Christsozialen. Außerdem sollte Europa Zahlungen einstellen, […]

The Exhausted Lie

Opinion Intellectuals of the French Left are, often on their own admission, beginning to look as silly as the postmodernist clique who preferred arcane formulae to clarity of thought and exposition, and with […]

The Game of Values

Opinion The Europeans has long argued that culture teaches values: not values culture, as might be implied by the political discourse of the West, bereft as it is of all historical perspective. There, human rights recast as […]


Political Diary In this year of grand Shakespearean themes, the humiliation of François Hollande repels the gaze as no other. There was no single, richly deserved Nemesis, as was the case with […]

Laurent BOUVET

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Les Orwelliens

Collectif de journalistes souverainistes présidé par Natacha Polony