Mass Migration Is Good For All



logo_caesar_35pxAccording to the United Nations Organization and its numerous agencies — notably the UNHCR — the mass migrations flooding Europe are to be greeted with euphoria. Everyone benefits in some unexplained way. The experience can even be fun, a commodity promotable without shame: just another red-nose-day like so many others. Did Angela Merkel’s grandees at the CDU sniff a second Wirtschaftswunder? Some commentators are saying so, but it’s hardly credible. The observable fact seems to be that everyone is intent on crushing Europe: UNO, the American State Department, the NGOs— and of course most dangerous of all, her own ageing soixante-huitards and their neoliberal heirs in government. The self-inflicted wound has always been a European specialty, and so it continues today with the officially denied ultima necat. Every hour wounds, the last kills….

We good Europeans are used to saying that all European wars are by definition civil wars. This is the intelligent view of the people, as opposed to that of their variously aristocratic, despotic, or neoliberal ❛leaders❜. It is mentioned in passing in the article translated below. And yet how often has this self-evident and wholly benign proposition been met with blank faces and hostility… Highest absurdity, the European Union was constructed to maintain peace; but then adopts policies that force its member nations to compete with and punish each other economically, and draw endlessly on their Chinese overdrafts in order to play field-hospital to the world. Little wonder that a neoliberal cargo-cult has formed around Chinese ❛investment❜ in Europe, as elsewhere.

Gabriel Robin, a conservative jurist and writer, was clearly as incensed by the recent tweet from the United Nations as was The Europeans. Here is his response, in an article for the online journal Boulevard Voltaire.

Boulevard Voltaire | Gabriel Robin

The United Nations Organization : A machine for crushing the European peoples

Gabriel Robin

On the 18th December, 2016, the official Twitter account of the United Nations Organization in France sent out an authorized message: ❝Migration benefits everyone. Migrants bring with them skills and new cultures. #Together #ForMigration @UNmigration.❞  The message was accompanied by a piece celebrating the ❝International Day of the Migrant❞ and four engaging photographs, one of which was of a man tricked out with the red nose of a clown. This is the very same UNO that appointed the Saudi, Faisal Trad, Riyad’s ambassador to this venerable institution, as president of a consultative group of the UN Council on Human Rights….

This group, responsible for ❝migrations❞ within the UNO, is a fishy kind of laboratory that makes no secret of its mission to subvert.

As official representatives of the No Borders movement, members of UNO are licensed globalizers who encourage the invasion of the West by populations from the South, working more assiduously than any other organization for ❝migrations of replacement❞. Last year, they overstepped the limits of legality by inciting clandestine ❝migrants❞ to breach the Hungarian border by force: that is, to commit an act of war against a sovereign state.

The literature to be found on their internet site is edifying: the aforementioned ❝migrations❞ are there perceived to be equally enriching for the peoples newly colonised.  A kind of universalist eschatology, in which the displacement of whole populations in the coming century appears destined to create a new world for a new man, rid of the heavy burdens of the past, of History, of identity, of specific cultures and ethnicities… A world to be raised on the ashes of our own.

We need no longer take seriously the commandments of the United Nations Organization, an outdated supranational organism with no legal validity beyond what the nations that compose it have seen fit to confer. Without the support of states founded in law, UNO would be nothing but an empty shell, politically an irrelevance. Stemming from an era traumatized by the European civil war, the very concept ❝united nations❞ is today defunct.

Likewise, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 — confused by Emmanuel Macron in his campaign-launch speech with the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789, which quite rightly distinguished between the fundamental rights accorded to all men and the particular rights of citizenship — was adopted during a time in which colonialism was still a reality…

Physically threatened at home, we must have confidence in our own instincts for survival, which warn us that the good intentions displayed by UNO promise only Hell…