Loyal Opposition


logo_caesar_35pxThe parliament at Westminster is presently distinguishing itself as perhaps the last bastion of that once-familiar concept: (Her Majesty’s) “loyal opposition”. Labour and Conservative members, ardent Remainers, who yet cleave to the continued sovereignty of Brussels and Strasbourg as to an article of faith, are nonetheless to be heard professing allegiance to the will of the people, solemnly undertaking to vote for the prime minister’s drop-dead Brexit and against their own consciences. The few dissenters know that their principled obtuseness will enhance only their capacity for social semaphore, leaving the outcome of the vote unaffected. And so, after an incarceration of forty years as turbulent ward of the European Union, Great Britain can now be reborn into the Wide World, whose every diplomatic alley-way and pothole she is by nature, history, sentiment and inclination the adept sans pareil.

And so it happens that Jeremy Corbyn’s loyal Labour opposition serves, however perversely, as a criterion of democracy for the Left everywhere else in the West: whether behind the portals of government, or demonstrating their venomous resentment al fresco. For although Her Majesty’s Parliamentary Opposition remains loyal, there is now no visible sign of the people’s loyal opposition anywhere. Far from it. The amorphous Left-Neoliberal alliance now pooling its collective bile in the streets of Britain, Europe and the United States, has turned this loyalty on its head without even being aware of the inversion. It has long been a characteristic of the Left particularly, never to accept democratic defeat. The only variable is the virulence of its response. And, pace Jeremy Corbyn, there seems no reason to suppose that the street-Left will ever submit its rejection of democracy to the vetting of conscience. The scent of No Borders and the global millennium is too heady for that. But what is being ignored here is the world of the Three Anachronisms, pointed out by the French writer Éric Zemmour in the preceding article. No Borders can work only in one direction — into the Occident, a civilization that is clearly unwilling to secure its continued existence. ◼︎

31 January 2017 One Planet, Three Systems

Éric Zemmour | Le Figaro

logo_lefigaro_35pxÉric Zemmour believes that different epochs are colliding with, and confronting each other. Some are harking back to the time of the Caliphate and the Empire; Russia, China and Turkey are holding fast to the system of nation-states; and Western countries believe that the era of national sovereignty is over. ➽ More