Heute Tolerant, Morgen Fremd

Umfrage zur Flüchtlingspolitik : Die Mehrheit der Deutschen ist für einen Untersuchungsausschuss (A majority of Germans want a Committee of Enquiry into Refugee Policy) Cicero Magazine for Political Culture, 29th May 2018. A majority of Germans want a Committee of Enquiry on refugee policy. That is the finding of an INSA poll undertaken on behalf of Cicero. Even amongst those with a migration background, almost half were in favour.

Fifty-seven percent of Germans are in favour of establishing a Committee of Enquiry to reappraise the conduct of the federal government’s refugee policy since 2014. Not even one in five (19%) is against. Approval for such a committee extends across party lines, but is most evident amongst AfD- (87.2%) and FDP-voters (68.6%). But there is also a clear majority of the ruling coalition parties’ voters who are in favour of an enquiry: CDU/CSU (53.7%) and SPD (58.8%). The weakest support comes from Greens’ voters: fewer than half are in favour (46.2%).

There is no East-West divide on the question. In the original federal states [Bundes-länder], 57.1% of respondents were in favour; in the new federal states, it is a little more (57.9%). The strongest support for an enquiry came from Brandenburg (68%), followed by Hessen (65.6%), Saxony (62.9%), Bavaria (60.7%), and Baden-Württemberg (58%). Bremen brought up the rear, with 37.4%.

Ethnic origin plays no role, age a very strong one

Perhaps the most surprising finding of the poll — conducted by the market- and opinion- research institute INSA on behalf of Cicero — is that [ethnic] origin plays hardly any role. At least, a Committee of Enquiry is what 47.3% of respondents with a migrant background are calling for. On the other hand, age, level of education, and income played a significant role. While 42% of respondents in the 18 – 24 age-group were in favour of a reappraisal of refugee policy, this figure for the over-65s was 68.6%. Approval mounts with increasing age. Amongst graduates (55.2% approval), it is somewhat lower than for people who have completed their vocational training (63.2%). Also, for people with a nett household income of more than €4,000 per month, approval for an enquiry is 58.1% — lower than for those with only €1,000 – €2,000 per month at their disposal (62.7%). ⇒ Cicero

¹ Federal Office for Migration and Refugees