Praise the Lord and Pass the Moralin

2018-00-00 widgets.001Friedrich Nietzsche was probably the first humorist to satirise self-righteousness in terms of pharmaceutically induced mental states. Moralin. Mixed in full strength for the European Left, and in various homeopathic concentrations for the Right and Centre. Dull conservatives have always preferred to take Umbrage, and are now doing so in ever greater numbers. The Swedes traditionally consume more Moralin per head of population than any other European country. This has allowed their great leaders to pocket the credit for their nation’s humanitarian generosity, while at the same time unloading all blame for the disastrous social results onto the Umbrage-takers. Now comes the turn of Germany’s Die Linke party to sniff the rapture of righteousness-without-responsibility.

SPIEGEL ONLINE : At their Congress, delegates of Die Linke [The Left Party] have voted by a large majority for a motion put forward by the party executive in favour of open borders for refugees. Yet the debate on this issue will continue.

Success for Kipping and Riexinger

First published 9th June 2018 in Spiegel Online as:
Erfolg für Kipping und Riexinger
Offene Grenzen für Flüchtlinge – Linke-Parteitag stimmt für Leitantrag

Success for party leaders Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger: at the federal party conference of Die Linke in Leipzig, a majority of delegates voted for a motion put forward by the leadership. In recent months, there had been intense internal party debate on the issue:

The motion, which has now been agreed, establishes a ‘triad’ [of policy positions]:

  • The causes of refugee flight must be combatted, for example, by halting arms exports.
  • There was need for a “social offensive”, involving everyone in Germany, to prevent societal conflict over housing and employment.
  • In addition, there must be legal and secure escape routes and open borders for people seeking protection.

After the Bundestag election [September 2017], a stormy dispute over refugee policy broke out in Die Linke. Party co-chairman Sahra Wagenknecht warned that Die Linke no longer reached into certain sections of the electorate. She warned against open borders for all comers and unrestricted access to the German labour market. But the parliamentary leadership group spoke vehemently in favour of solidarity with refugees and migrants.

Party chiefs Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger had demanded in advance that the conference vote must bring the debate to an end. The issue needed to be resolved, so that “we [then] know what this party stands for”, as Kipping said on Saturday morning before the vote. Everyone was called upon to accept the result of the vote.

Whether genuine calm will be restored is however questionable. Wagenknecht pointed out that the really contentious issues — such as economic migration — had been excluded from the motion. The debate will therefore continue.

Kipping and Riexinger are also at the Congress for re-election as party leaders. There are no opposing candidates.

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