Paradigm Shift

A few years ago, a contributor to The London Review of Books wrote, “For the first time in its history, the European Left no longer has a project“. Not so: the Left has never lacked a project. When it divorced its white working-class constituency, it did so in order to channel its passion into the greatest of all social projects: to make amends for colonialism and WWII by declaring all accidents of birth, wherever they might be found, null and void. Redress could be had simply by migrating to Europe.

Not only would the European taxpayer provide all the necessary resources, he would also be disciplined to erase all cultural references to his colonial past, lest they give offence to the rescued, and to modify his comportment wherever necessary, for the same reason. Some of the visible figures behind this settlement were Mitterrand, Blair, Soros, Juncker, Schulz, Merkel, the hapless Hollande, and now Macron and Pope Francis. This was to be ‘The End of History’ and the beginning of ‘Otherly Love’. The great migration crisis duly followed in September 2015, with everyone from Hollywood to the captains of global commerce chiming in with adulatory support for Angela Merkel.

Three years later, things are different. There is a sustained shock of belated recognition that the fate, not just of the European Union, but of European civilisation itself — hitherto a defunct concept — is now definitely engaged. This has translated, most recently, into the election of the new Italian ‘populist’ government.

The Left’s ultimate project and raison d’être is now being challenged relentlessly from every angle, the principal focus being on immigration from Africa and the Middle East. There is scarcely an issue of public policy or private thought that remains untouched by the spectre of mass-, or even of long-term trickle-immigration. The European media are full of it, all day and every day. The cost to Europe of this stubborn and rudderless Chancellor is incalculable, but it can be curtailed with one simple and effective formula: Stop the boats! The Australian solution. Europe cannot assist Africa in any way at all, while she remains under extreme migratory pressure. The necessary paradigm-shift is at last on the move: from Human Rights to Common Sense.