Macron’s Manichaean Absurdity

⇒| “The question is not whether one is for or against Orbán, but which political message to send.” — Sarah El-Hairy, spokeswoman for MoDem (Mouvement Démocratique), allied to Macron’s La République en Marche.

Macron himself has never ceased to denounce the “populist drift” of Hungary under Orbán, and latterly the “leper” government of Italy under Salvini and Di Maio.

“It is the conservative-reformative duality that will define the en même temps* of tomorrow, and not this progressivist daydream of ‘Man Reconstructed’ that scares everybody.” — Jean-Louis Bourlanges, Deputy (MoDem) in the Assemblée Nationale.

* Emmanuel Macron’s political catch-phrase, “at the same time”.

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⇒| Michel Houellebecq, on accepting the Oswald Spengler Prize  : “I am ready to vote for anyone who supports leaving the European Union and NATO. I feel very strongly about that.”

I consider the condition of the West from the standpoint of two criteria that my intellectual journey has led me to see as fundamental : demography and religion.”

Regarding Éric Zemmour’s book, Le Suicide Français “I never agreed with [the title]… in the recent history of France, there is something that appears not at all like suicide, but well and truly like an assassination. And it’s not difficult to name the culprit : it’s the European Union. […] Europe has chosen a peculiar method of suicide, which includes assassinating the nations of which it is composed”.

On the Darwinian “struggle for life” : “[…] the best way to survive is not to win the [demographic] competition, but to dodge it”.

On GPA [Gestation pour autrui – surrogacy] : “Surrogacy is a serious business. For a woman, pregnancy is no minor detail : it modifies her body. Buying a woman’s body is disgusting”.

“In reality, I’m more optimistic than Oswald Spengler”. But considering demography and [the state of the Catholic] religion, “I’ll end up with exactly his conclusions : the Occident is in a very advanced state of decline”.

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⇒| The European Parliament has voted to lift the immunity from prosecution of the two French MEPs [Rassemblement National, formerly Front National], whose alleged “incitement to discrimination” was the subject of a parliamentary enquiry.

The enquiry ensued from a complaint brought in May 2014 by the Fédération nationale des Maisons des potes (“Mates’ Houses”), a network of associations specialising in the fight against all the various forms of discrimination. The complainant denounced the  Petit guide pratique de l’élu municipal Front national (A short practical guide for Front national members elected to municipal office), in that it “incited” officials of the FN to “put in place discriminatory measures favouring the French in the matter of access to social housing”.

The European Parliament’s Legal Commission opined that the bringing of the complaint “carried no suspicion of an attempt to obstruct the Front national MEPs in the carrying out of their parliamentary work”.

M. Briois reacted to the vote : “This new judicial persecution is surreal in form and substance. In France, in 2018, it is decidedly no longer possible to express oneself freely in the context of elections and political debate”.

Samuel Thomas, president of the Maison des potes, added : “The European Union was founded on opposition to discrimination of all kinds, and against national preference. However, over the past four years, M. Briois and Mme Montel have refused to meet the investigating judge on the pretext of their parliamentary immunity. […] Incitement to commit an offence cannot be protected in the name of freedom of speech”.

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⇒| Faced with the problem of insecurity in the schools, the Ministers of Education and Interior have opened the door to school surveillance. Following the recent affair of the female teacher threatened with a fake weapon, Jean-Michel Blanquer and Christophe Castaner have put the idea on the table. The Interior Minister declared that he would “not exclude the presence of the forces of law and order” in the schools. A full suite of measures would be presented at the Council of Ministers.

Thousands of teachers have reacted on Twitter (#pasdevague) to the abovementioned incident, sharing their experiences of violence in schools and citing numerous cases of cover-up by their superiors.

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⇒| “The European Commission’s rejection of the Italian budget risks pushing the Italian government to take measures that are increasingly hostile to Brussels. […] The arrival in power of the M5S-Lega coalition in Italy has marked a turning-point in the backlash of the European peoples against the techno-juridical edifice that is the European Union.”

“The defiant Italians constitute an existential threat to the European Union.”

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⇒| Two adolescents died during the night of 23-24 October in Paris and Sarcelles, during the course of street brawls. The number of such fatalities (159 since January) has exploded in comparison with the figures for 2017, while the number of incidents has only slightly increased, revealing an intensification of the violence.

Investigators are trying above all to understand what drives these youths to gang violence. Drug-trafficking does not appear to be the primary cause. More likely as a cause is the sense of belonging to a territory, mixed with petty quarrels, and vendettas whose origins have been forgotten. A misplaced glance, a financial disagreement, a fight over a girlfriend… in short, a death for no reason.