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The Regulation of Conscience…

Relatively few people in the English-speaking world are acquainted with any of the principal languages of continental Europe. The Europeans’ meta-journalistic project is to relay a little of what Europeans really think to anyone in the Anglosphere who might be interested.

The situation in Europe is now so dire, that here and there, even the most desperate idealists can no longer quite ignore the counter-narrative rising from the streets. They are acquainting themselves for the first time with what ideological blindness had previously kept hidden — the evidence: a concept central to science, but resisted in one way or another by every other discipline. These whisps of hope must be reported. But although the European Left is at last beginning to lose the battle of ideas, the conservative Right is still losing the battle of events.

Europe’s sense of itself is rooted in some twenty-five centuries of continuous history, exquisitely diverse civilisation, and prodigious creativity in all departments. It is astonishing how casual and banal the liberal-progressive media can make seem the systematic undermining of this heritage. Whereas most Europeans’ sense of cultural identity and pride is visceral, the essentially elitist project of doctrinaire liberalism seems watery by comparison, based as it is on mercantile values and unlimited, self-defeating ‘human rights’. All values are corruptible — except those taught by depth and continuity of culture.

Left floundering by events, Europe has neither a foreign nor a domestic policy — unless it is to play field-hospital to the world. Adam Smith’s bitter dictum applies:

❝ Virtue is more to be feared than vice, because its excesses are not subject to the regulation of conscience.❞

It might be added that virtue, on the industrial scale meant by Smith, is punishable only by its vast unintended consequences. Idealism protects progressivist idiocy, and the demonic power of mass acquiescence in sentimentalised politics ensures that conservative resistance will be overwhelmed, at least for the foreseeable future.

Most of the articles in this journal are translations from the French and German press, often passed on without comment. There are also original articles written by The Europeans.

Edward Shilling