The Man In The Mirror

Emmanuel Macron is likely to be winner by default in the second round of the French presidential elections on May 7th. When the Paris bourgeois-bohèmes look into the mirror, they see him — […]

A Man For This Season

While Emmanuel Macron peeps about diminutively, calling the real into question and conjuring social and economic utopias into existence with spells and slogans, there is a man for this season to whom Europeans, […]

Complementary Therapies

The election season in Europe has now formally confirmed what had been widely known for many years: the important low-hanging candidates can always be recruited into the geopolitical economy. There is still faith amongst them that the democratic provocations […]

Political Kitsch

First published in German on 25 February 2017 By Alexander Grau | Cicero Magazin für Politische Kultur Mass production and the mass-media raise kitsch to the level of æsthetic criterion for our society. […]

Candidate Macron

French art? I’ve never seen it. The barb seems to have been crafted self-consciously for an audience of philistines. Emmanuel Macron, French presidential candidate for the movement En Marche!, former investment banker and […]

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