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The First Immoralist

Friedrich Nietzsche never wrote an autobiography, but in 1888 left a more or less incoherent sketch of his psychology and life’s work, published as Ecce Homo: How one becomes what one is. The chapter […]

For an Islam of France

Here, at last, is a concise statement of a muslim integrationist’s frame of reference. Whether viable programme or utopian reverie, remains to be seen. 🔗 2016-09-02 Malek Chebel interviewed by Eugénie Bastié for […]

Postmodernism in Action

Robert Redeker 🔗  2016-08-26 Robert Redeker interviewed by Patrice de Méritens for Le Figaro Translation: Edward Shilling/The Europeans Robert Redeker: The school applies itself to erasing French civilization FIGAROVOX/INTERVIEW : By no longer […]

Laurent BOUVET

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Les Orwelliens

Collectif de journalistes souverainistes présidé par Natacha Polony