Macron’s Manichaean Absurdity

Macron’s Manichaean Absurdity

⇒| “The question is not whether one is for or against Orbán, but which political message to send.” — Sarah El-Hairy, spokeswoman for MoDem (Mouvement Démocratique), allied to Macron’s La République en Marche.

Macron himself has never ceased to denounce the “populist drift” of Hungary under Orbán, and latterly the “leper” government of Italy under Salvini and Di Maio.

“It is the conservative-reformative duality that will define the en même temps* of tomorrow, and not this progressivist daydream of ‘Man Reconstructed’ that scares everybody.” — Jean-Louis Bourlanges, Deputy (MoDem) in the Assemblée Nationale.

* Emmanuel Macron’s political catch-phrase, “at the same time”.

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