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The Permanent Epiphany

First published 2017-02-05 Jacques Julliard | Le Figaro The disillusionment with progress The confrontation between two sensibilities, progressivist and conservative, is replacing the Left-Right cleavage, observes the historian and essayist. Having dissected the mentality […]

Trial By Irony

First published 2017-01-01 Jacques Julliard | Le Figaro How to be a conservative? The historian and essayist, Jacques Julliard, analyzes the conservative push to which François Fillon’s victory in the conservative primaries testifies. He […]

The Exhausted Lie

Opinion Intellectuals of the French Left are, often on their own admission, beginning to look as silly as the postmodernist clique who preferred arcane formulae to clarity of thought and exposition, and with […]

The Game of Values

Opinion The Europeans has long argued that culture teaches values: not values culture, as might be implied by the political discourse of the West, bereft as it is of all historical perspective. There, human rights recast as […]

Laurent BOUVET

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Les Orwelliens

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